Assessment and Cleanup at The Mills

The Mills Memorial Housing Complex is a former 140-unit public housing complex located in downtown Meriden, CT. Following HUD demolition/disposition approval and resident relocation in 2017, the City acquired the Mills from the Meriden Housing Authority as part of a land exchange agreement. The City took title to the Mills in May 2018 and transferred 62 Cedar Street to the Meriden Housing Authority for the Meriden Commons Phase 2 development, a 76-unit mixed use, mixed income development adjacent to the Mills site. The City also transferred 177 State Street to the Meriden Housing Authority under the land transfer agreement in 2017.  

The City of Meriden has been awarded $2 million state funding to demolish the existing structures for flood control purposes. Development plans have been approved for the adjacent parcels located at 161 State Street, 177 State Street, and 62 Cedar Street.  A demolition ceremony has been scheduled on August 2, 2018.  

Documents related to the cleanup of the Mills and adjacent sites:

Environmental Review Record-Disposition of 24 Units and property at Mills Memorial Housing Complex 

Environmental Review Record-Disposition of 116 Units at Mills Memorial Housing Complex

Environmental Review Record-Construction of 75 Units at 177 State Street and the use of 26 Project Based Vouchers

Environmental Review Record-Construction of 76 Units at 177 State Street and 62 Cedar Street and the use of 26 Project Based Vouchers

177 State Street-summary of cleanup activities April 2017