City of Meriden - Proposed Annual Action Plan - CDBG Program Year 44 (PY44)

The period from April 6, 2018 through May 6, 2018 will be reserved as a public comment period in which citizens may forward written comments, suggestions, or evaluations on the City’s Proposed Annual Plan for PY 44 to the Office of Community Development, Room 218, City Hall, Meriden, CT 06450. All comments received will be forwarded to the City Council prior to its anticipated May 7, 2018 regular meeting when approval and authorization of the Annual Plan of Community Development Objectives and Use of Funds for PY 44 will be made. The City will submit the Annual Plan to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on or around May 17, 2018 for its approval. Anyone desiring to examine copies of the proposed PY 44 Annual Plan may do so during normal working hours at Room 218 at Meriden City Hall, or at any time on the City website,, or at the link below. Please note that allocations listed in the draft PY 44 Annual Plan are subject to change prior to final adoption by City Council.

Proposed Annual Plan for PY 44 - Submitted to HUD for Review

Comments or questions on the Proposed Annual Plan for PY 44, or on the CDBG program in general can be sent to Matt Sarcione, Grants Administrator, at 203 630 4105 or

For those interested, the original PY 44 Notice of Funding Availability & RFP as well as the PY 44 CDBG application are included below.

Program Year 44 Notice of Funding Availability & RFP

Program Year 44 CDBG Application