City of Meriden CDBG Program

The Program Year 44 Consolidated Annual Evaluation Report (CAPER) is now available for review and comment. The CAPER is an annual performance report that is sent to HUD detailing the progress the City has made in carrying out its Consolidated Plan and Annual Action Plan. A copy of the CAPER is available in the Office of Community Development, Room 218, City Hall, 142 East Main Street, Meriden, as well as on the Community Development website. Written comments on the CAPER will be accepted through 4:30pm on Monday, September 16, 2019. Any written comments received during the comment period will be included with the CAPER when it is submitted to HUD prior to the September 28, 2019 deadline.

The City of Meriden also issued a RFP for consultant services for preparation of the 2020-2025 CDBG Consolidated Plan. This Plan combines the planning and application requirements of the Federal Statutes and serves as a statement of long- and short-term housing, community, and economic development initiatives for the City through its CDBG program. Work on updating the Consolidated Plan is expected to begin in Fall of 2019.

Comments or questions on the CDBG program can be sent to Matt Sarcione, Grants Administrator, at 203 630 4105 or

For those interested, the Program Year 45 Annual Action Plan, the Program Year 44 Annual Action Plan, and the Program Year 43 CAPER are also included below.

Program Year 45 Annual Action Plan

Program Year 44 Annual Action Plan

Program Year 43 CAPER