About the City of Meriden Economic Development Department

The City of Meriden Economic Development Department works to sustain and grow the tax base, provide jobs, and create economic activity across numerous sectors within our community.

Our team is committed to:

  • Pursuing and implementing critical infrastructure improvements that are necessary to support and sustain economic growth.
  • Collaborating with private, public and non-profit organizations that create jobs and economic activity in Meriden.
  • Supporting and championing community leaders who work to make Meriden an attractive and economically viable place to live, work and recreate.
  • Engaging in long-term planning while at the same time recognizing the short-term needs of Meriden business owners, residents and workers.
  • Increasing investment in Meriden’s inner city, attracting businesses to Meriden across numerous economic sectors, and retaining existing businesses that have invested in our community.

There are countless ways our staff and programs can assist you and your business. Please stop by and visit us at City Hall, located at 142 East Main Street in downtown Meriden.

Questions about opportunities in Meriden?

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