Enterprise Zone (EZ) State Incentives

The City offers tax abatements to manufacturers, warehousing and distribution companies and certain service businesses that locate to or expand in Meriden’s Enterprise Zone. To confirm whether a property is located in the Enterprise Zone and if your project qualifies, contact the Office of Economic Development.

If your business is eligible, you may receive:

  • An 80% tax abatement for 5 years on the increased real property taxes resulting from new construction or expanded space. For companies that wish to lease the space, you must lease it for 5 years with an option to purchase or renew the lease for 5 more years. The landlord must pass any tax abatement to you in your lease. Renovations to a company’s existing space in Meriden may qualify—but only under certain conditions.
  • An 80% real property tax abatement for 5 years on the existing real estate taxes of a qualified vacant building. If you move into a vacant building/space, the entire tax burden could be eligible for the incentive.
  • An 80% personal property tax abatement for 5 years on any personal property new to Meriden’s Grand List.
  • A 25% or a 50% credit on the state corporate business tax of the eligible business.